Goats Giving Birth

Goats Giving Birth

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Lessons, stories, and reflections from the Goat Midwife

What can you expect with a goat pregnancy? What do you do if things go wrong when goats give birth? What happens when you have a challenging newborn kid?

Seasoned goat farmer Deborah Niemann, author of Raising Goats Naturally, answers these questions and more by distilling the stories and experiences from over 650 goat births.

Coverage includes: 

  • The differences between normal goat pregnancies
  • Necessary C-sections
  • Incidents that may turn deadly serious.

 There is nothing about goat care that creates more anticipation, excitement, frustration, and fear than birthing goats. For both new and experienced goat owners, Goats Giving Birth illuminates the joy, the sadness, and everything in between when birthing pregnant goats, giving you the confidence to handle a large spectrum of goat pregnancies and help birth happy, thriving kids.

"It's the most wonderful (and frightening) time of the year! From normal births to problem deliveries, all new goat owners could use an experienced mentor during kidding season. Goats Giving Birth is like having a long-time goat-owning friend waiting at your fingertips."

Marissa Ames,
editor, Goat Journal magazine

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BONUS -- You'll receive a 7-page checklist for goat birthing supplies with a complete explanation of each item. It will be emailed to you automatically as soon as you purchase the book.