Raising Goats Naturally (second edition)

Raising Goats Naturally (second edition)

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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to raising goats (or any livestock for that matter). But by working with nature, you can raise dairy goats as the centerpiece of a diversified homestead and produce your own milk, cheese, meat, fertilizer, leather, fiber and soap — all without relying on drugs or following the factory-farm model. By observing your own animals closely and educating yourself about their specific needs, you can create an individualized plan for keeping them healthy and maximizing their productivity. This unique, fully-illustrated guide will teach you to help your herd thrive with:

  • breed-specific descriptions to help you choose the right goats for your goals and lifestyle
  • detailed information on housing, fencing, breeding, health, milking and nutrition
  • recipes and instructions for making your own cheese, dairy products, and soap, as well as cooking with goat meat.

Packed with personal experiences backed up by expert veterinary advice and scientific studies, Raising Goats Naturally brings together a wealth of practical information on raising goats for the love of it and using their milk and meat to become more self-reliant.

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  1. Choosing Your Goats
  2. Housing Your Goats
  3. Protecting Your Goats
  4. Day-to-Day Life With Goats
  5. Feeding Your Goats
  6. Parasites
  7. Injury, Illnesses, and Diseases
  8. Breeding
  9. Pregnancy
  10. Birthing
  11. Raising Kids
  12. Milking
  13. The Dairy Kitchen
  14. Dairy Products
  15. Acid-ripened Cheeses
  16. Culture-ripened Cheeses
  17. Meat
  18. Soap

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stephani Franck

Raising Goats Naturally (second edition)

Joan Webb
Great info

The info in this book is so detailed. I got it as I was preparing for a birth. Only my 2nd to give birth so I was a little nervous. But after reading the book I was more confident and my doe did great. Delivered a beautiful buckskin buckling. I would highly recommend this book to anyone new to goats. Can't wait to try the recipes for cheese and soap.

Liz Schneider
New to Nigerians

I read the whole book right after getting it and then kept rereading, topic by topic, as the information began to fall into place. As someone new to keeping goats, I am finding the detail invaluable. I have only read Deborah's book and one other, written by my breeder, but I've been told by a mentor that I am far more informed about starting with goats than most beginners, so thanks for all the valuable info.

Jacklyn McCutchen
Good read

Good knowledge, lots of stuff I didn’t know.

Melissa Muncaster
Comprehensive information on raising goats

I have had goats a few years and have researched extensively many of the issues with goats - Deborah covers most if not all of the issues in a very comprehensive manner - presenting the common wisdom, and the science behind everything as well ... Even with researching many things extensively (like new science on cobalt) - I still learned quite a bit new information .... Its refreshing to get information from someone who has lived it and learned the hard way.... An excellent read and spot on for so much of my experience... I recommend this book to the new buyers who have purchased my goats...